t the Pet Concierge, your pets are our most valued customers. Why not?

  After all, they're your best friends, family members and bundles of joy. They deserve first class treatment, just as you do.
  We understand this, because Pet Concierge owner Sandy has long held a passion for working with all creatures great and small.
  After years of experience handling various species of animals in the Singapore Zoological Gardens, Reptile Park and various pet shops, Sandy established The Pet Concierge in 2004.
  In the fast-paced world that we live in today, it is not uncommon for busy professionals to be travelling frequently -- and Sandy understands that as a pet owner, you might be worried about leaving your precious one in the hands of a stranger.
  Rest assured, at the Pet Concierge, Sandy ensures that all effort is made to give each pet the attention they have always received with you.
  In addition to boarding animals, he offers transportation, basic grooming and swimming therapy (hydrotherapy) services for your pets too.
  A jovial and truly caring person, Sandy values all animals and believes that as God's creatures, they are blessed with the wonderful gift of joy and healing. To him, each animal is unique and is deserving of individual attention.
  At the Pet Concierge, your pets will feel like they've never left the comforts of home.
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